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The Best kept secret in Aspen is Foot Foundation

We developed the secret to happiness 20 years ago. We make feet happy. This simple change will improve the quality of your life. Feet are the key to making the rest of your body work well. We help people understand where pain begins. Ankle, Knee, Hip, or Back pain can start with how your feet meet the world. Come in and get your functional foot assessment. We offer free foot assessments. It will change how you understand your feet, and how feet predict your future overall health.

Pronators and Supinators Agree

Pronators say

If you have been told you are a pronator you understand that having feet that collapse inward is the trigger mechanism for pain suffering. It always has been. Now we offer a new understanding of how feet meet the world and can actually control it, not just put a band-aid on it.

Supinators Say

IF you have been told you supinate you understand that rolling outwards triggers all sorts of issues with your joints and could be the trigger to all the pains in your body. We can say we are probably the first to offer a solution to both pronation and supination problems.

Aspen’s Best Kept Secret

“It’s true, we are one of the best-kept secrets in Aspen and in the entire world for that matter.  We have been plugging along here for the past 20 years under the radar helping others succeed, where many others have failed.  We have spent no time or money on marketing.  We have been relying on word of mouth and referrals from happy clients.  People talk about what works for them, and that has been the motor for Foot Foundation for a very long time” But that’s all about to change.  

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