Changing How the World Thinks About Feet

If you have shopped for orthotics, you’ve been told that your arches need support. This is fundamentally INCORRECT. Any geometry teacher, architect or ancient Roman will tell you that arches support themselves!

Have you ever seen an archway with a pole supporting the middle? … Neither have we.

Feet are not arches; FEET ARE TRIPODS!

The foot is made up of three main balance points, acting together, like a 3-legged stool. A damaged stool can often have uneven legs, causing it to become unstable. The tripod of the human foot operates in much the same manner. If the three balance points of the foot are not touching the ground on an equal plane, the structure of the foot, and therefore, the rest of the body, becomes unstable.

Foot Foundation™ footbeds fix this problem by balancing the tripods of each of your feet, resulting in a continuous state of dynamic balance, no matter what terrain you’re standing on.