How We’re Different

What We Are

  • The first measured solution to both pronation and supination.
  • We are the pit crew, not the guru.
  • We aim to improve the quality of your life.
  • We harmonize brains, bones and muscles from the ground up.
  • We offer a whole body, holistic solution to balance.
  • We are concerned with how each individual foot meets the world.

What We Are Not

  • We are NOT arch supports.
  • We are NOT a generic solution.

What We Do

We Find your Balancing point

By tapping into the data from your brains, bones, and muscles, we can discover your neutral point between pronation and supination.

For Each Foot

We are not a mass-produced, generic product. Every footbed is custom designed and produced for your unique fee

Our Unique Process

We provide a paradigm-shifting measurement as well as an industry-leading recommendation to optimize foot position.

Multi-Sport Solution

Every sport has a wide range of forces acting on your feet. Our footbeds are tailor-made to maximize performance for each of your favorite activities.

3D-Printed Solution

We have adopted cutting-edge manufacturing technology, allowing us to repeatedly produce your footbeds in-house.

Total Customization

Our technology allows us to refine your footbeds to best fit your needs.

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