Our Technology

Foot Foundation has created the world’s first foot technology to both measure and neutralize pronation by repositioning the foot precisely in any shoe. Each insole is uniquely angled for each foot’s individual severity of pronation/supination. Excessive pronation/supination causes the foot to unevenly meet the ground with each step. It causes muscular compensation, tension, and can lead to overuse issues. Determining the exact degree of your unique pronation/supination problems is the first step. From there, our patented process is designed to reposition the angle of your foot to meet the ground evenly. Building our custom insole based upon your unique measurements, neutralizes your gait to flat ground. 

When it comes to vision, each eye is individually measured. Feet should be looked at the same way. Like prescription glasses correct your vision, our inserts provide a custom angle for each foot. Just as two eyes can have different vision ratings, each foot can as well. Bringing your feet together to a neutral position improves the quality of your work, life and play. 

Instead of attempting to change the shape of your arch (like traditional arch support or orthotic), Foot Foundation realigns the angle of your foot to meet the world. This allows you to evenly make contact with the ground. For example, if an individual pronates 4 degrees inward, adding 4 degrees of outward angle under the foot, aligns the world to that foot. This allows your entire body to be neutral each time your foot hits the ground, which can reduce pain and soreness. Consistently overpronating without correction is the fundamental trigger mechanism for many overuse injuries.

One of the biggest problems in the foot and shoe industry is not bad feet, or bad shoes, it’s the angle of the ground, itself. 

Level ground is not the same for everybody. Because each foot pronates differently, “level ground” is different for every foot. This is why the “playing field” is never “level”. Our goal is to create an industry standard to literally level the playing field for all, in work, life, and play. 

Another big misconception that rules the conversation about feet:

People assume that arch supports are the solution. In fact by using our measuring process, we have proven that changing the shape of your arch does not change pronation by more than one degree. There are no medical tests that supports changing the shape of one’s arches solves pronation issues. It may be part of the problem, but it is not the whole picture. Arches are defined by Webster’s as “self supporting structures.” If that is true, then why would an arch need “support”?  For flat footed individuals, forcing an arch where there is not one, often causes more issues and pain than it solves.

As important as it is to solve pronation issues. It is equally important to leave room for “functional pronation”. Completely eliminating pronation in most activities is not natural. Leaving 1-2 degrees of “functional pronation” allows for the body’s natural dexterity and shock absorption functionality. However, for a select few activities, such as cycling, having 0 degrees of pronation is ideal. Eliminating pronation for cycling allows for more even and efficient rotations. 

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