Tug of War

Whether you identify as a Pronator or a Supinator, the cure is the same: a level foundation. Foot Foundation™ footbeds provide a level base by contouring perfectly to your foot, placing you in a state of total balance called, Dynamic Neutral.


Whereas typical orthotics claim to help the foot by supporting the arch, we at The Foot Foundation™ know that arch support is a myth (see “Foot Philosophy” section). Instead, we designed our custom 3D-printed footbeds, utilizing our patented Ground Reaction Force Technology™, to approach foot problems from the ground-up.

Treat The Cause, Not The Symptoms

A Sturdy Foundation is essential to maintaining the integrity of any structure, especially the human body. If your feet are not standing on a level surface, your body will be misaligned from the ground-up and therefore increasingly likely to sustain injury, no matter how well you take care of yourself.

Foot Foundation™ footbeds provide the sturdy, level foundation you need to perform to your highest potential, while taking the necessary steps to help avoid injury along the way.

Foot Foundation™ custom footbeds can help alleviate pain caused by misalignment from unbalanced feet in the following areas: