Custom Angled Wedges


Pre-angled wedges. A Simple solution for pronation. Your current footbed goes on top of these.


Price is individual, not by pair.

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Custom Angled Wedges, are pre-angled foot shims that lay between the shoe and any shoe insert.  They are available in 3 different densities and angles that span the spectrum from .5 degrees all the way up to 6 degrees, in half degree increments.   Once you know what your pronation angles are, you can order that exact angle to get the same effect if you want to try out the program.  These do tend to take up a bit of volume inside a shoe or boot so keep that in mind.


0.5°, 1.0°, 1.5°, 2.0°, 2.5°, 3.0°, 3.5°, 4.0°, 4.5°, 5.0°, 5.5°, 6.0°


Hard – Blue, Medium – Red (Most Popular), Soft – Green


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