Angle Testing Kit


Want to know your angle before committing to the full price? Find your angle without committing to the full price product.

Works for new customers, if you need to find your angle, but we already have a mold and/or scan of your food
if you already have a product, we’ve already scanned your foot, etc, and want to try a different degree?
you have friends/family you want to test


To measure the perfect neutral angle for each of your feet. All you need is our Angle Testing Kit. The Kit includes .5 degree, 1 degree, 2 degree, and a 3 degree wedges.  Our proprietary system will allow you to find out how each of your feet uniquely pronates.  Order this kit to reveal your exact angle and then we can use this info in conjunction with our molding kit to print you a custom shaped, custom angled 3-D printed foot insert.

Each Kit Includes

  • 4 Testing Wedges
  • A Video tutorial on how to test.
  • One on One Zoom session with an expert to ensure that you find your perfect angle.

After you find your perfect angle and have felt for yourself what the product does for you, then you can order custom angled wedges for any activity, or get the full program by ordering a Foot Molding kit.  With your custom numbers and the foot molding kit we can make a fully custom 3-D printed foot insert for that will level the playing field for you in work life or play.



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