Featured Testimonials

Chris J.
County Sheriff’s Officer, MCSO SWAT Team Member, Mesa, CO

After wearing your footbeds for a week, I took them out to compare. I worked out once without them … I put them right back in. I did not think a matter of two degrees would make a huge difference but it does. I went to the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) conference this year in Salt Lake City, where I attended the four day Advanced Tactical Carbine Course. This course was rifle intensive and I was on my feet for most of the day, every day. Normally, I would be exceptionally sore by the end of two days of being in full SWAT gear and on a hot asphalt, concrete or gravel surfaced range. Day 3 came and went and on Day 4 I was still going strong. Moving, standing, up, down, kneeling … my knees were not sore, my back was not sore. I am impressed. Bottom Line: Yes, they work. Yes, a foundation matters. I have continued to use your footbeds and will continue to use them.


Val D.
Ski Instructor and Yoga Instructor, Aspen, CO

In my career as a professional ski instructor and professional yoga teacher, I always recommend The Foot Foundation’s footbeds for balance, comfort and alignment. Foot Foundation footbeds have enhanced my performance on my skis, as well as the yoga mat and I want to share that experience with as many of my students as possible. Foot Foundation balance technology allows me to stand neutral on my feet, so I am able to use all the muscles in my legs, as well as being far more efficient with the rest of my body. Before Foot Foundation, I would strain certain muscles to maintain balance on the mat or in my ski boots, thus creating more and more discomfort and instability in my body. Neutralizing my pronation with Foot Foundation footbeds not only improved my skiing but also changed my whole experience of it, enjoying flowing on my skis instead of straining to get to my next turn. Things that I couldn’t do before, like quickly transitioning from edge to edge in short radius turns, all of a sudden became second nature. I would tell my feet where to turn and then — BOOM — my skis were there! My personal results have been incredible and that is why I recommend this product, not only to my ski clients but also to anyone who suffers from pain that might be related to their feet (e.g., back, hip, feet, etc…).

Ted M.
Firefighter, Denver, CO

I have been using your footbeds in my sneakers for a month now and I have noticed a major difference in my knees. I truly believe these things are game changers. I am going to order additional pairs, as I rotate between work and home in four day stretches. I also plan to have my kids fitted this summer when they are home. I have suffered no injuries and experience far less strain when in my shoes. While wearing the footbeds, I have not experienced as much “runner’s knee,” which has been a big problem for me for years. I also tried the pair I have out in my work boots and they immediately mitigated much of the knee pain I was experiencing on the job.


Memo L.
Aspen, CO

Thank God I found Eric Ward and The Foot Foundation! I have heavy pronation that not only made my skiing inefficient and tiring but also very painful. I tried Foot Foundation footbeds and my ski vacation immediately went from a grind to a pleasure. I am no longer in pain and my skiing is smoother, especially using my inside edges. I was so impressed by the transformation in my skiing, I bought pairs for golf, running and hiking. Foot Foundation footbeds helped me cure a deep pain in my left heel and I have to say that I now feel noticeably unbalanced when I am not using them. It’s as if Eric changed the angle of the world beneath my feet and now everything feels comfortable and balanced. Thanks a lot, Foot Foundation, you really changed my life!


Los Angeles, CA

I wanted to thank you for hooking it up with the custom footbeds this past spring. I literally wear them every day. They get me through long days on my feet and give me confidence while skateboarding. Just wanted to say thanks and support the cause. Foot Foundation footbeds are sick!

More Testimonials

Michael D.
New York, NY

Eric, I got your footbeds on Sunday and I’m amazed at the difference in my skiing! I’m finding that my railroad tracks are a lot easier. It also seems easier to keep my feet hip width apart (I’ve always skied with them very wide) and my instructor observed that I wasn’t picking up my foot to turn. Thanks!


Ryan K.
Firefighter, Aspen, CO

Eric, the biggest change I have noticed since using the Foot Foundation footbeds is how much better my feet feel at the end of the day. Before I started using them, the outsides of my feet would hurt at the end of my day and I couldn’t wait to take off my work boots. Now, my feet do not feel sore at the end of the day because of the support the Foot Foundation footbeds provide. Also, I typically go through a pair of shoes quickly because I wear down the soles on the outside of my shoes and they become uneven and uncomfortable. Your footbeds help me get more miles out of my footwear because I no longer have uneven wear on the soles of my shoes. As you can imagine, as a firefighter, I am on my feet the majority of the day and these footbeds have helped me feel better throughout the day and at the end of my shift. Thanks again, Eric. These footbeds have really improved my day-to-day life.


Santana W.
 Aspen, CO

Hey Eric, I just wanted to tell you how game-changing the footbeds are!!! Anyone who has feet as wonky as mine and are serious about skiing shouldn’t think twice about investing in a pair!! My skis are so responsive now, it’s unreal!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


Erin H.
 Cincinnati, OH

Hi Eric, wanted to let you know that I skied all day in the new boots/footbeds and it was awesome! They were comfortable, secure and much more balanced. Thank you for making that happen!

Jeff J.
 Austin, TX

Since I got my Foot Foundation footbeds, I’ve trained for a marathon and run close to 2,000 miles on the trails around Aspen. I’ve felt very stable and balanced and quickly forgot I was even wearing them. I pronate quite a bit and these footbeds have helped to offset that, resulting in a more even wear on my shoe treads and significantly less strain in my IT band. Running involves tens of thousands of strides and even the smallest imbalance can have a big impact over so many repetitions. I’d recommend getting your balance/cadence checked out by Foot Foundation. Even a small correction can have a big impact!


John T.
 Chicago, IL

My left knee was scoped in early 2016. Since the operation, my knee has had both good and bad days but a new problem arose a year later when my left heel began to hurt. The doctor diagnosed me with Plantar Fasciitis and suggested I wear a heel cup to help mitigate the pain. While the heel cup did a decent job, I was still in a great deal of pain, especially at work, where I am on my feet for 40-hour weeks. It was at this point that Eric came to my house and performed his “one foot balance” procedure, to check my pronation. It turns out that on my surgically reconstructed left side, I was over 5 degrees pronated! My right side was far less affected, at only 1.5 degrees. Eric took my exact measurements and within 48 hours, I had a brand new set of 3D printed footbeds. It has been over a year now and my heel pain is completely gone, along with any sign that I ever needed knee surgery. I no longer experience the intense burning sensation I had prior to using Foot Foundation footbeds and I couldn’t be more thrilled! The jury is in — these things are great!