Why Foot Foundation?

Currently, there is no industry standard  for measuring, stopping, or controlling pronation. The Foot Foundation is changing that.

Our unique measuring technology, combined with fully custom angled, 3D printed insoles, allows Foot Foundation to measure and solve pronation and it’s associated issues. We calculate numerical measurements that make your feet neutral. For most, pronation is not symmetrical. Our process fixes the asymmetrical aspect of your feet, and thus creates neutrality including, but not limited to your walking, running, skating, biking, golfing, and ballroom dancing. 

Foot Foundation provides a solution to create symmetry to find your neutral, while still allowing for “functional pronation”, the natural/minimum amount of pronation needed for maintaining flexibility and natural shock absorption.1-2 degrees of functional pronation allows for the body’s natural dexterity and shock absorption functionality.

Foot Foundation solves the cause of issues, rather than the symptoms. Correcting pronation works great for preventing injuries, as well as recovering from injuries. Through the same approach, we aim to both fix the problem before it is an issue, and heal the injury more quickly, effectively and easily, through reducing muscular compensation. 

Strengthening from a neutral place vs strengthening from a place of compensation:
Using less energy for the same activities is always a benefit. If you can reduce the excess energy used to compensate for pronation, you can spend more of your energy on recovering. The same goes for preventing injuries in the first place. Less pronation means less likelihood of injury.

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