Exploring the World of PAIN

Pain can settle into a million places but usually will find a permanent home in the weakest link of your chain. Pain lingers in either joints or muscles and can be literally anywhere. Most people are very aware of the pain but most never consider the foot as the point of betrayal. Yes, your body is going to fail you at some point. It’s just a matter of when and where. Not at all a matter of if. When it happens, will you be aware of the why? IT takes a fairly astute crime scene investigator to pin it down. The subject of feet is what we are disrupting with a totally new understanding of what pronation and supination really are. With this new tool to unravel the ripple effects of how the drumbeat of your feet literally tears you apart over a lifetime. That tune has 10,000 beats every day for most people. Only The Foot Foundation can tell you if your feet are in tune or not. You people that know they are totally out of tune are the ones tearing yourselves apart. IF you know your feet are not working with you, then they are a clear and present danger to your future enjoyment of life.

Work, Life, and Play

Measure and predict your athletic future by custom angling the world beneath your feet. No matter what the sport there is a perfect angle for everyone in any sport. Repositioning your feet to maximize the efficiency of that relationship is the key to foot Foundation technology. We will totally change your experience no matter what the sport.

Why Wait?

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