And now for something completely different

When it comes to thinking about feet, most people would be guilty of never giving them much thought. This is where Foot Foundation has spent 20 years thinking about the simple relationship of how your feet meet the world. Because the world is predictably flat we can be proactive about how we meet the world. The good bad and ugly feet of the world now can all be put in their place with the simple addition of wedge tech. Yes, a wedge is what’s needed to change the angle of the world predictably. Not your granny’s”arch supports”. It’s way simpler than that. If the world could be accurately angled to meet each of your feet perfectly and help them land softly, quietly, smoothly every step of the way. Life would be so much better. This is exactly what we do. We measure and then provide a custom solution to your unique problems in the form of an amazing 3-D printed foot positioning system.

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